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I have always loved gymnastics. I started gymnastics when I was 9 years old. I took lessons at the Silver Lake in Edgewood, Kentucky. Some of the skills I learned were cartweels, roundoffs, splits, handstand, and a bar pullover. Unfortunately,  I had to leave because the cost of the lessons became too much.

I have always had favorite Olympic gymnasts. My favorite gymnasts are Gabby Douglas, Simone Biles, and Aly Raisman.   These woman have all done amazing things. They have won they have won many gold medals for the United States Olympics teams. They also do much charity work to help people that are less fortunate than themselves.

If you are interested in gymnastics as well, there are many things you can do to build your skills. You can watch Youtube videos, read books about gymnastics and famous gymnasts, and you could speak with other kids who do gymnastics and find out if it is a sport that is right for you.   I love gymnastics and I think you will too if you learn more about it.

Christmas Traditions

Last Christmas was awesome. First of all, my grandma came to visit me and my parents. I was really happy that she came. I was also happy because i was spending some time with my parents and the best part was that my grandma came. At first, when I woke up we went to Ihop to eat some breakfast and it was really yummy and then when we all came back home we played some Christmas music and we got to the good part. I got to open all of my presents. I got clothes, shoes, toys, and so much other stuff.

Then after I opened all of my presents, my parents and grandma opened their presents. After all of the presents were opened, we all had to clean up the living room because there was wrapping paper plastic and boxes everywhere. Then after that was done we all sat down on the couch, made popcorn and we watched 2 Christmas movies.

This Christmas I have plans for so much fun stuff. First we are going to wake up and we are going to make some yummy food. We are doing this because every Christmas we make a Christmas dinner. Then we will go down to my cousins house and open our presents together. Finally we will have our Christmas dinner and that will be awesome family Christmas!

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